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Frontier Fellowship began in 1981 when Dr. Ralph Winter proposed that Frontier Fellowship become part of the mission movement to reach out to the final frontiers. Frontier Fellowship is a mission and service based community that exists to further the spread of the gospel and the Church to all cultural groups which have no established Christian presence-aka the unreached peoples of the world. Frontier Fellowship challenges, mobilizes and empowers individuals into partnerships with local churches to participate first-hand in frontier mission (taking the gospel to cultures that still lack viable, indigenous expressions of the Christian Church).

At times, it is difficult to comprehend that there are governments, societies, philosophies, and religions around the world which literally oppose Christianity, and, in fact, attempt to have it outlawed, harassed, and even eliminated. Then there are the other millions of people who have been forgotten, neglected, or marginalized by their societies such that they have never had the opportunity to even hear the gospel message. These are the unreached people of our world.

The great news we have to share with you is that Frontier Fellowship is forever dedicated to bringing the joy of the gospel to new unreached people groups around the world, including the US, every year. Helping establish an indigenous witness for Jesus amidst an unreached people group is the ultimate aim of everything I do with Frontier Fellowship.

One of my jobs as Associate Director for Frontier Fellowship is to look for creative ways that individuals can partner with various churches across the globe in order to reach as many of the remaining unreached people groups around the world as possible.

We are…

  • Committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ
  • Seeking the Empowerment of the Holy Spirit
  • Rooted in Scripture and Prayer
  • Devoted to faithful stewardship of life and possessions
  • Boldly proclaiming the gospel to every people
  • Serving the Church
  • Uplifting the congregation’s faithfulness to God’s mission calling
  • Focusing on the congregation as a wellspring for mission initiative
  • Calling forth People Movements to Jesus among unreached people groups
  • Advocating the indigenous expressions of the body of Christ in all people groups
  • Supporting the planting of indigenous churches committed to God’s Mission
  • Advocating a partnership approach to mission
  • Committed to the unity of the global church in mission

What you can do…

  • Make a Commitment to Share the Good News with an unreached people group
  • Pray for an unreached people group
  • Participate in a short-term mission trip to one of our projects
  • Give a donation to advance the cause of Frontier Missions, support a particular project, or one of our staff

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